Founded in 2002, Dynamics and Robotics Research Center was established as the first university research center sponsored by Isfahan University of Technology at Isfahan Science and Technology Town. This center started its activities towards development of world's recent high technologies with the aim of some creative and talented members of the university in some unique research projects in the field of Robotics and Control.

Among these projects the following points should be outlined:

1) Design and development of an inverted pendulum laboratory mechanism for evaluating different methods of linear and nonlinear control theory in experiment and also for educational purposes. This project has now completed the research phase and the first laboratory sample is now available.

2) Analysis, design, simulation and manufacturing of the Persia humanoid robot for the first time in Iran , which got several ranks in international robotic competitions. The first version is completed now and the second version is in our program. The next generation of this technology is supposed to be used in development of the artificial human limbs.

3) Analysis, Design and manufacturing of a C.N.C robot with parallel mechanism for the first time in Iran, in which all the theory, control, designs and manufacturing was completed by the team and was selected by Kharazmi Festival. Further development of this project is in the program.

4) Design and manufacturing of corporative serial robots to study cooperative grasping phenomena.

5) Design and manufacturing of a 6 DOF Stewart robot with a rotaional parallel mechanism to study kinematic, robust controllers of such robots.

You can found many interesting materials and more details relative to the projects by the links available.

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